Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Custom Homes Instead of Production Homes

At J Roderick Young Custom Homes we are looking to generate some pre sales, If you have any clients you're working with that might be looking to build, I am willing to team up and share the profit as part of a brand building process.  Our quality is exceptional, a walk through of one of my homes, which I would love to schedule with anybody is jaw dropping, our in house custom paint jobs are amazing, I was an award winning paint contractor in the street of dreams our home took best of show, that exact same quality is what we put in every home we build, I just need home buyers,  investors, realtors, bankers, brokers, anybody to work with and build on this, also you will find us at the top of search engines for appropriate key words, our brand is firmly in place, backed by 23 years in the business with NO CLAIMS EVER! let me know :0)
, Jeremy 503 -781-1169 jeremy@topcustombuilder.com wwwhttp://www.jroderickyoungcustomhomes.com

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


At J Roderick Young Custom Homes we build wherever you want to live. Taking an older home and demolishing it cost about $10'000, which includes recycling everything go green!, you have the option of saving the foundation, if an engineer will sign off on it, which they do, what is huge about building this way is that your permit fees are practically nothing 3 to 7 k vs 35k for bare lot, the reason is you already have service, electrical, water, sewer, plus there are many other little fees for schools, parks etc. that you don't have to pay, the truth is your water meter alone almost offsets the entire demolition costs. so when trying to find dirt to build, consider tearing down and building new, it is cheaper than remodeling.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As a top custom builder in Oregon/Washington, we build Portland/Vancouver luxury custom homes. Our brand has not wavered for 23 years, we still use the finest oil enamels, super latex,fine sanding, super cleaning 4 coat finish, this is our brand and guarantee of the finest finish product you can get.

Monday, March 11, 2013

J. Roderick Young Custom Homes is a

Top custom builder, Portland / Vancouver, We build luxury custom homes Oregon / Washington.

Custom home builder services on your lot, our lot, or we find you one.

Our home builder services take you from conception, lot, permits, build and finish.

Our exclusive custom homes come with award winning custom finishes Since 1991.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Now is the time to start your custom home, It is important to get a jump and be the first out of the starting blocks, you will be first on every subcontractors schedule, and the best wont be 3 weeks out. The permit process can take a month + the demand for new homes is up, but the labor pools are not, this includes permit centers, the staffing is cut way back, I recommend, getting started, there is plenty of choices to be made before cutting ground.  Call us today jeremy 503 781-1169 jeremy@jroderickyoungcustomhomes.com

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There is still an amazing amount of lots in Vancouver WA, and surrounding areas that are available to build on, with incredible views!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Custom Home Builder Portland OR Vancouver WA

I want people to see what it takes to Demolition an old home save the foundation if the owner wants and build a new luxury custom home in its place. 503 781-1169 www.jroderickyoungcustomhomes.com